I have an inter- and multi-disciplinary research profile spanning the fields of Philosophy of Biology (Philosophy of Science), Complex Systems Theory, Embodied Cognition and Interaction, Behavioral Sciences, and Theoretical Biology. My current research is focused:

i). on the establishment of a theory (based on the framework of autonomy and on the wider organizational approach to biology) for living systems, and in particular for the naturalistic understanding of their diverse characteristics and differences, and the comparative explanation of their individual and organismal status

ii). on the naturalistic explanation and description (based on the frameworks of Embodied Cognition and Interactivism) of normative bio-agential and cognitive capacities of higher-level autonomous agents with a focus on perception, emotion, aesthetics, and their capacity for engaging in design processes.

2013 Р2016: Organizational Requirements and Regulation for Organismal Development and Maintenance

2011 – 2013: From Minimally Autonomous Biological Individuals to Collectively Associated Autonomous Adaptive Agents